• 3 Sources for Funding Your Start-Up in 2017

    For passionate wantrepreneurs, the itch to launch and get started is almost too powerful an urge to resist. The reason someone leaves a stable, traditional career path and jumps into the fray of starting up usually revolves around passion. Passion is what fuels the transition from dreamer to doer. Fortunately, dreamers are limited by capital.

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  • Dollar Shave Club is Best in Show at the Digiday Video Awards

    Razor delivery company Dollar Shave Club won Best in Show at the 2017 Digiday Video Awards. Its “Dull Life” video series, featuring mind-numbing boring scenarios — an office drone counting jelly beans, an octogenarian hitting the gym, slowly — was created by its agency Decoded Advertising. Dollar Shave Club is no stranger to the power of a well-executed video ad.

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  • 10 Essential Tips for Novice Marketers

    So you’re ready to cut your teeth in the fast-paced, exciting world of marketing. Self-motivation is undoubtedly important, but you also need to be receptive to time-tested advice and understand how to apply it to your own tasks and work environment. Keep reading for nine crucial pointers that’ll help you discover, grow and thrive while in the marketing industry. 1.

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  • Glossary: Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation is a tool, or a suite of tools, that enables the automation of repetitive tasks across several channels. This includes email marketing, social media, customer segmentation, A/B testing and website personalization. Using an all-in-one tool, or a stack of several marketing tools together, marketers can automate several activities to scale ...

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  • Don’t let a spotty connection stop you from searching

    Whether you’re a commuter reading the news with a spotty network, a farmer looking up crop prices with no service in the fields, or just driving through a tunnel, all is not lost when your search is interrupted by a bad connection. Now on the Google app for Android, even if your search fails, Google will deliver your results as soon as a connection is available—so you can kee ...

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  • 5 Ridiculous SEO Myths Every Blogger Should Ignore

    SEO scares or confuses most bloggers and for very good reason. Google makes it a challenge for you to understand what they are doing, and they keep changing the rules. If that were not enough, there is also a lot of half-baked information out there and blog posts filled with the wrong information.

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  • Silence speaks louder than words when finding malware

    In Android Security, we're constantly working to better understand how to make Android devices operate more smoothly and securely. One security solution included on all devices with Google Play is Verify apps. Verify apps checks if there are Potentially Harmful Apps (PHAs) on your device. If a PHA is found, Verify apps warns the user and enables them to uninstall the app.

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  • Pinterest Adds Ad Groups to Campaign Structure

    Pinterest announced the addition of ad groups to its campaign structure. Dan Marantz, who works on product management for the social network, introduced the change in a blog post: Starting this month, we’re rolling out an update to the way your Pinterest ad campaigns are structured. Previously, Pinterest ad campaigns had two elements: the campaign itself and the Promoted Pins within it.

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  • The Hoth Money Machine at #ASW17

    While walking the show floor at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, we came across something I haven’t seen in a long time. A cash money machine! The money machine was at The Hoth booth. It was filled with $1 and $2 bills. There were also some ...

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  • 20 Bits of Marketing Jargon, And What They Mean

    I love marketing jargon as much as the next guy. It’s great fun when I’m at a family event. My family used to think I went into marketing because I couldn’t find anything else to do. But when I say “psychographics” my parents know all that college was worth it. If you’re plunking down tons of cash to hire an agency, though, some jargon is terrifying.

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