• 5 Affiliate Marketing Tools That Will Help You Make Your First Sale

      When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are special tools designed to help you make sales. Some are to keep track of your affiliate links. Some are to help increase clicks and conversions. In this post, we’ll be looking at 5 affiliate marketing tools that will help you do just that. So let's get started. The 5 Affiliate Marketing Tools #1.

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    • Coca Cola New Ad: The Elevator to Heaven – When DeePee leads the way

      Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the Coca-Cola ad that features Deepika Padukone. If you haven’t, then Google it right now because it will blow your mind away! Let me tell you why. My favourite celebrity and me together in one elevator? *Gasp* I can’t even… So, first off, there is no way I wouldn’t have passed out if my favourite celebrity was stuck with me; elevator or anywher ...

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    • Gmail Labs Features You Need to Enable Right Now

      Gmail Labs Features You Need to Enable Right Now By Michael Kwan April 23rd, 2017 The Net Most of us use Gmail to manage the majority of our email. Many people recognize that Gmail is useful for so much more than just your actual @gmail.com email address, because it can easily handle the email for your professional domain too.

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  • How I Generate 3 Extra Source of Income Just By Working 8 Hours a Day?

    You can’t go wrong with earning a little extra money. Extra income can have a major impact on your finances and will allow you to act more freely when it comes to your expenses. You’d be surprised how an extra $500 each month could really go a long way and help you out. But what does it even take to earn extra income when you already have a full time gig? Most people who need a ...

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  • What does "science" mean?

    To countless teenagers who had the wrong teacher in high school, it means, "a boring collection of right answers, categorized by topic." Once we discover that some things we were taught aren't black and white any more (Pluto, DDT, infant formula), it's not surprising that people begin to go from bored to skeptical. About all of it. Except that's not what science is. Science is a process.

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  • How to Integrate Social Media into Your Online Business

    How to Integrate Social Media into Your Online Business April 23, 2017 by Aaron Leave a Comment Social media can often be a little daunting for businesses just starting out. While there is so much to learn and many platforms to choose from, you should bear in mind that the channels have the potential to grow your company exponentially, if you use it well.

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  • How Business Men Can Perfect Their Professional Appearance

    Perfecting your professional appearance goes well beyond wearing the proper attire for the proper function. Everything from your hairstyle, to how well manicured your nails and your choice of attire matters. But a large aspect of it sits right on our faces. Facial hair has been deemed in the past to have an aggressive overtone for men in the business world.

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  • #Earlyfor30 – Day 23

    #Earlyfor30 – Day 23 By Dennis Seymour · April 23, 2017 Woke up around 4am but I continued to sleep. Why? I told myself that I needed this weekend to recharge before the busy week ahead. I’m expecting it to be the most tiring week of my life, embarking to a new place, new dialect and new culture to try and “sell” our services to more possible users. It’s also ...

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  • Google Earth’s incredible 3D imagery, explained

    Google Earth is an amazing tool that lets ordinary humans—sans wings or jetpack—zoom around the world. And, as you might know if you’ve checked out the new Google Earth, the 3D imagery looks insane. (As in, mind-blowingly realistic insane.) Grand Canyon Hong Kong Rome Tokyo But how does it get that way? I talked with a couple people from th ...

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  • Connect with cultures around the world in Google Earth

    Yesterday, we introduced a new version of Google Earth, along with Voyager—a showcase of interactive tours that help you explore our planet further. Over the next few days, we’re giving you a taste of what you’ll be able to find on Voyager, starting today with stories on the theme of culture, people and places around the world.

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