• Understanding the backlist (for everything, including books)

    It really ought to be called the core list, because it's fundamentally misunderstood as something in the background, an afterthought. The backlist is the stuff you sell long after you've forgotten all the drama that went into making it. Book publishers make more than 90% of their profit from books they published more than six months ago.

    Seth Godin/ Seth Godin's Blog- 2 readers -
  • High Speed Web Hosting Without A VPS

    In need of high speed hosting but don’t have the budget for a Virtual Private Server (VPS)? If so, you’re not alone! Developers, affiliate marketers, webmasters, and otherEntrepreneurs ju ...

    Ryan Gray/ IMGRIND- 11 readers -
  • Why You’re Not Progressing

    Why does it seem like some people always hit gold with their business while some of us struggle to get off the ground? In this week’s episode of The Startu ...

    Ryan Gray/ IMGRIND- 9 readers -
  • 1 Rule For Immense Productivity

    Where you don’t know where to begin? Given the vast amount of opportunities to make money online, at times, many Entrepreneurs find it tough to sort through everything and ge ...

    Ryan Gray/ IMGRIND- 10 readers -
  • Name Hero: Making Hosting Great Again!

    This month, I’ve been preparing a massive marketing campaign to bring in 2017 with a huge boom! January and February are historically very big months for the web hosting indus ...

    Ryan Gray/ IMGRIND- 8 readers -
  • How Whitewater Rafting Keeps a Marketing Agency At High Tide

    This past August our CEO, Daniel Lynton, brought our whole company together in Breckenridge, Colorado for our annual company retreat. Four days of bonding and exploring sites with your co-workers is a great opportunity for a distributed team like ours. Here's a few things we did (and learned) that you may consider doing for your own company. Mixing and Mingling We arrived on a Thursday.

    Roman Kniahynyckyj/ Inbound Marketing Blogin How To's- 8 readers -
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