• 3 Business Consultants Making It Big Teaching Entrepreneurs How to Succeed

      Starting out in business is tough. If you’ve never been in business before and haven’t run a company as the CEO, then you’re stepping into unfamiliar territory. Rather than hiring a life coach, entrepreneurs are turning to business consultants who have experience starting successful companies or who are at least proficient at marketing to help make one successful.

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    • Modern Inventors: Making Everyday Items More Useful

      The future never comes bundled into little packages that the world can tear open and access immediate transformation. Growth is a lengthy process that requires years of development. It also takes the contribution of geniuses all over the world who not only foresee the profound difference those small improvements can make, but also have the ingenuity and passion to create those changes.

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    • Security Investments All Entrepreneurs Should Think About

      Security should be a priority for any entrepreneur’s business. The majority of Internet users are innocent and are not criminals, but there are thieves, some very skilled, that make a living on stealing data and physical goods from others. Luckily, there are ways for entrepreneurs to protect themselves, and the security below will substantially deter the theft of data and burgl ...

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  • Five Dangerous Healthcare Cybersecurity Myths

    Healthcare organizations are staffed with physicians and other highly-trained employees whose education and experience give them great confidence in their decisions. That confidence, however, can be troublesome if it extends beyond medical decisions and into the world of cybersecurity. Hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare entities are treading on thin ice if they su ...

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  • What’s Better: Gold or Mutual Funds?

    In our country, gold enjoys a special place in the hearts of people. This’s why people opt for gold instead of mutual funds. Without this yellow metal, any wedding or festival is thought to be incomplete. Gold is considered auspicious and people tend to purchase gold ornaments on various occasions. Gold jewelry is handed over to the next generation with a feeling of pride.

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  • Brought to you by Health IQ: Is Whole Life Insurance a Good Choice for You?

    Many people are confused about whole life insurance, which is a category of life insurance that blends savings tools with life insurance coverage for your family. Many financial pundits advise people to buy term life insurance, which has a lower monthly premium, and invest the difference between the cheaper term life premium and the more expensive whole life policy payments in a mutual fund.

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  • How Life Insurance Can Help You Pay Your Mortgage

    In addition to paying for your funeral expenses and giving your loved ones a comfortable sum to live on, life insurance can also help you pay off your mortgage in the event of your untimely death. By choosing mortgage life insurance, your payout will go directly to your lender, ensuring that there’s no squabbling over money or unpaid balances.

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  • How Can Card Payments Benefit Your Small Business?

    Many small businesses today are forced to weigh the costs between ways that they can allow their customers to pay for products and services. There is obviously cost involved with allowing customers to pay with credit or debit cards. And, cash is still money. But consumers actually prefer to pay with a credit or debit card according to recent statistics.

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  • Preparing your Rental

    Renting out your home can be an extensive process; it can also be a rewarding one. Creating a home for a new family may truly change a life, but ensuring that change is a positive one is important. Unfortunately, a lot of risk is involved in handing over your living space to a stranger, and taking measures to secure mutual satisfaction of both parties can make yours and the ren ...

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  • Digital Trends For Marketing 2018

    Top rated business owners always start their new year resolution by planning their year ahead of time. Once your budget 2018 is set up, you will need to get started with preparing your best strategy for 2018. You have to make selection that can offer you with best conversion rates. To plan your best marketing strategies you need to go through the trends mentioned in this article.

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  • Keeping Your Suffering Company Afloat Until You Can Turn Things Around

    Starting a company does not guarantee that it will be successful even if you as the founder personally did well in the industry in the past. In fact there are going to be times at every company where you think that things might be falling apart. This could mean losing a large client or being involved in some kind of lawsuit due to wrongful termination.

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  • Zero Sum Budgeting

    If you’re trying to create your own budget, and you’ve researched different budgets, you’ve probably come across the zero-sum budget. How does this interesting concept help you save money? With this informative quiz, you can learn all about zero-sum budgeting. When you begin the quiz, you’ll discover what type of minimum equipment you need to create your zero-sum budget.

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  • Five Fundraising Strategies for the Contemporary NGO

    The nonprofit sector is being stirred up my new digital tools and dynamic social marketing strategies capable of raising more funds than was possible a decade ago. Social change is no longer limited to nonprofit enterprises. Social entrepreneurs are discovering new ways of thinking about their roles as changemakers.

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  • Health IQ Can Help You Read Your Insurance Policy

    Navigating the ins and outs of a life insurance policy can be confusing. This world has its own vocabulary, filled with long terms and remarkably similar phrases. Do you know the difference between term life and whole life? Are you familiar with disclosure statements, lapse rates, and free look provisions? When you’re comparing policies, it’s important to understand the options ...

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  • Entrepreneurial Options for Executives on Disability

    A serious injury can knock your entrepreneurial drive out of commission. Not only do you have no way to support yourself, but you may have to put a stop to your forward entrepreneurial motion. You start to run out of savings and options fairly swiftly. Physical injuries that occur inside and outside of the workplace are more common than you might think.

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  • What to Do When Your Basement Floods

    You just came home from a long day at work, opened the back door, your arms full of groceries and the smell hits you like a thousand toddlers had left their dirty diapers in the swamp for a few days, then dropped them off inside your house. Your brain can’t even comprehend the smell. Did the dog leave a few time bombs in your home? Was there a fight between your upstairs toile ...

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  • 6 Surprising Facts About the Growing Vape Industry

    Vaping is on the rise in the United States and around the world. Millions of Americans are regular vape users and an estimated 12 million have tried an e-cigarette at least once. As interest in vaping increases, the industry continues to grow in exciting and surprising ways. Here are some interesting facts about the vaping industry that you may not already know. 1.

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  • How Brand Authority Opens the Door for 7-Figure Revenues

    There are countless components in running a business that can either dictate your future failure, or your success. Ultimately, two of the biggest things to keep in mind if you want to accomplish incredible things in your venture is time and money. When a CEO attempts to run his or her company without the support of a carefully selected team, time can be a serious challenge.

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